Tom Buys Houses – Referral Program

By Tom Wemett: I have over 48 years of full-time experience working in the real estate industry.  Referrals from customers, clients, friends and acquaintances are a big part of my past successful business over the years. That hasn’t changed since pivoting my real estate business away from brokerage to real estate investing. That’s why I started the Tom Buys Houses Referral Program

Tom Buys Houses - Referral Program
Tom Buys Houses
Referral Program

Do you know someone who inherited a home; who perhaps is burdened with major home repairs; who needs to downsize; who may be facing foreclosure; or who needs to move quickly? 

Have you noticed a home around the corner or on your way to work that is boarded up or needs some TLC or with a “for-sale-by-owner” sign on it? 

These are potentially motivated sellers who might be open to my homebuying service.  As such, I’m giving you a financial incentive for such referrals.

Here is how it works:

Tom Buys Houses Referral Program
Earn $1500 Cash for
Successful Home Seller Referrals

When you refer a home seller to me and I am successful in buying their home, I will reward you with a $1500 finder’s fee. 

When I close on the property I will mail you a check for $1500. It is just that simple.

Here’s the Process:

For homeowners who may be motivated to sell quickly – Email me or use the contact form on this website and provide me with whatever information you have on them:  Their Name(s); Property Address; Phone Number; Email Address; Notes About Their Situation.

For Distressed, Vacant or For Sale By Owner properties that you spot – take two or three photos of the home, any for sale sign(s), street number on the mailbox or front of the house and email them to me at or use the contact form on this website or text me at 518-524-8875.  Make sure you include your name and contact information so I know who the information came from.

From there:

  • I will contact you to discuss the information you provide me and to make sure I have your correct contact information.
  • I will evaluate the deal and let you know if I think it is worth pursuing.  If it is, I will contact the homeowner and see if I can work out a viable purchase with them.
  • If a deal is signed I will then keep you in the loop and let you know when it closes.
  • When it does close I will mail a check for $1500 to you immediately. 

If you have any questions about the Tom Buys Houses Referral Program please call Tom at (978) 248-9898; or text Tom at (518) 524-8875; or use the contact form on this website. We offer an important service to homeowners who need a quick sale of their home. They will appreciate your referring them to us.